An ESG Investor's Focus on Water Stewardship

In this article, Riverwater Partners, a socially responsible/ESG investment advisory firm, explains why it examines water-related risk in potential investments, why it believes in a water stewardship approach and how it collaborates with The Water Council on advancing water stewardship and ESG:

Water stewardship is critical for business and societal well-being because it ensures that the water resources needed for industry and communities are managed sustainably. This includes protecting water quality and quantity, reducing the risk of water scarcity and ensuring that access to clean water is available for all.

For companies, water may present business risk and opportunity.  During our due diligence of potential and active investments, particularly those that extract or manufacture, we see potential water-related risks in the areas of access, regulation, reputation and more. Our engagement practice seeks to raise management teams’ awareness of those risks. For example, in recent months, we’ve discussed water-related risks with management teams at three food producers.

We value our association with The Water Council, a Milwaukee-based non-governmental organization with an international reputation for supporting corporate water stewardship and fostering water-related technology. In 2021, Riverwater became a Water Champion partner organization of The Water Council, and it shares The Water Council's WAVE: Water Stewardship Verified program with companies.

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