Linking Water Technology to Stewardship

There is an important relationship between water technology and water stewardship that is well demonstrated by the success story from John Barelli and WaterSurplus.

John participated The Water Council's BREW Accelerator Program, an accelerator for water technology companies, in 2019. As the owner of a growing company focused on water technology solutions for industry, John recognized the importance of better understanding the end of user of his product and how they manage and prioritize water resources. This led him to water stewardship, which provides a methodology for helping users of water better understand their water use, impact and challenges within the context of their operations and watersheds. This ultimately leads water users toward implementing the most beneficial and impactful solutions, which often include new water technologies.

Check out this success story, “Leveraging Solutions,” to learn more about John’s commitment to water stewardship as a path toward meaningful water technology adoption.

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