The Water Crisis is Here. Is Your Business Prepared?

The water crisis is here and now. That's why corporate water stewardship should be on the agenda for every company that uses water (which is all of them). The Water Council was given the opportunity to collaborate with Forbes on a special section on water stewardship in this month’s print edition.

In this section, you can learn more about the tenets of water stewardship and how you can get started from Matt Howard, our vice president of water stewardship, and The Water Council member companies A. O. Smith Corporation and Sloan. Both of these companies are part of our WAVE: Water Stewardship Verified program — A. O. Smith as a pilot company and Sloan as our first official client.

Although corporate leaders increasingly realize the importance of water to business, many aren’t sure what water stewardship means or how to get started. Water stewardship is generally defined as the sustainable use of water achieved through stakeholder engagement that aligns actions at the site with conditions in the watershed. Unlike carbon emissions, water stewardship can’t be measured by a single metric or simple framework. Every company faces different challenges based on how they use water and where their operations or supply chains are located.

After reading the section, you might have questions about how your company can become a better water steward or get started on its water stewardship journey. The Water Council is here to help. We invite you to explore the water stewardship section of our website and contact our water stewardship team. Because the water crisis won't wait.

The water crisis is here. Is your business prepared?

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