WAVE Case Study: Prioritizing Water Action Where it Matters Most

In developing the WAVE program, it was incredibly important to The Water Council to design a program that was responsive to the needs of the user and resulted in outcomes that were meaningful to external stakeholders. To ensure we met these goals, we conducted thorough customer discovery with more than 80 private-sector water users, global NGOs and ESG (environmental, social and governance) investors and ratings agencies and piloted the WAVE framework with four companies. The result is a program that helps companies develop thoughtful strategies, set meaningful goals and take impactful action on water across the enterprise.

Nutrien, the world’s largest provider of crop inputs, piloted the WAVE program in 2021 with great success. It participated in the program because it recognized the importance of continually improving its enterprise-level water stewardship efforts to better understand water risks and develop an action plan to mitigate them. At the conclusion of the WAVE program, Nutrien prioritized water-related action where it mattered most, giving it the ability to credibly communicate with stakeholders about its water stewardship performance.

To learn more about Nutrien’s experience with the WAVE program, check out this case study.

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